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My colors - the third acoustic album

About the album

Elisete - My colorsMy colors Elisete's third album was released in 2010.
Elisete - colorful, sensual, more Israeli than ever and Brazilian As always created an album with a variety of colors reflected in a melting pot of styles - pop, Afro – Brazilian, contemporary Israeli music and world music. In parallel to life in Israel Elisete is talking about the end of innocence, looks inside to the longing and pain, allows herself to free from the need to please at all costs and creates a work with unique colors. Elisete says she came to Israel to bring the Brazilian joy and in the album she expresses a range of emotions and sings honestly about love, happiness, relationships and separation, drugs and just about the joyful moments of life. The album was produced by Israeli - Brazilian producer Avi Levin in cooperation with Elisete, Ron Laor and Roni Ben - Ezra, it was recorded half in Brazil and half in Israel and reflects Elisete as she feels - half Israeli and half Brazilian. For this reason the album was written so that half of the songs are in Hebrew and half in Portuguese. The album is acoustic and contemporary, lyrical, melancholy sometimes and very romantic.


It's not Carnaval anymore - the first single

Elisete - It's not Carnaval anymoreIsraeli-Brazilian singer Elisete proves again that she is not only breathtakingly beautiful but also one of the original and talented artists around here. She releases 'It's not Carnaval anymore' - the first single from the third acoustic album.
בAt the end of February Brazil is having the biggest celebration of them all – the Carnaval - and exactly at this time Elisete chooses to release a song that relates to the end of the party. The song is called 'It's not Carnaval anymore', and it speaks about the end of the [arty, the end of love and the life after them.
In parallel the life in Israel Elisete is talking about the end of the era of innocence, looks inside to the longing and pain, cuts herself free from the need to please at all costs and creates a work with unique colors.
'It's not Carnaval anymore' is a true representative of the new album that has a special mix of sadness and joy, and this mixture that helps Elisete in healing and in achieving a closure with her ​​previous life in Brazil enters our ears and immediately reaches the heart.


Kvar lo Carnaval


Fantasia - the second single

Elisete - Fantasia Elisete's fantasy is love and love is the engine of Elisete and the fantasy that keeps her going and brings her to release her third acoustic album 'My colors'.
'Fantasia' is the second single released to radio and is a sweet and sour love song, romantic and lyric about a since love gone that might return. The song draws its power from Elisete's Brazilian roots and also from her life here in Israel.
Love of all colors and the constant quest for love are a theme in a lot of Elisete's songs and in them you can find great pain and also joy and enlightenment.
It's easy to identify with the songs of Elisete because - as in 'Fantasia' All of us can understand the longing for an old love that was missed.
Elisete's uniqueness is in the way she takes her listeners through sad themes in a light pace and with rhythms allowing you to connect to the moving words knowing there is hope.
Elisete was recently interviewed for a radio program in Australia and in the interview she talked in length about love songs in contemporary music and about her own love songs. It is important to her to convey the message of love in the broadest sense – between all people. Her songs are, among other things, a part of her journey to bring joy to people wherever they are with love being the main force behind this trip.
Like her previous single 'It's not carnaval any more', 'Fantasia' also gives the listeners both the joy of enjoying Elisete's voice, words and melodies and the gentle musical companionship of producer Avi Levin, who produced the album along with Elisete and Rol Laor.




Yam - the third single

Elisete - YamThose who like the songs of Elisete can wander in them to distances of emotion and imagination. In – 'Yam' (Ocean), the third single from 'My colors' - her third album, Elisete takes us on a journey in a sea of ​​longing and yearning - an imaginary sea and at the same time real and tangible. This is the sea of the shores of Israel and also the magical sea of the coast of Rio de Janeiro and Bahia in Brazil. Beyond that the sea is the loved one - remote, mysterious, possibly real, possibly imaginary.
The melody of the song accompanies the lyrics and sails us on its waves from Israel to the distant provinces of the South American fragrances.
'Yam', continues the line of romantic and lyrical songs characterizing much of the album. In the sounds one feels Israel, but also the lyricism of Brazil in the simplicity of the words and emotion of the songs.




Sob a luz do luar (Under the moonlight) - the forth single

אליזט - Sob a luz do luar Sob a luz do luar (Under the moonlight) is the fourth and final single released before the release the album 'My colors'. Elisete, with her smile and her abundant joy but also with a lot of maturity sings about love and hope and fantasy created by the combination. The arrangement of the song written in Portuguese and recorded half in Israel and half in Brazil is very influenced by the rhythms of northern Brazil, and especially from the Baiao. In 'Sob a luz do luar' Elisete continues its intimate musical journey characterized by unique interpretation of the Brazilian sources from which she draws. The song is happy and upbeat and expresses the conviction of Elisete that love, joy and optimism will take us all to a better place.
The album 'My colors' brings together Elisete multitude of loves - love to music, people, Brazil, Israel and to positive life with a lot of music. 'Sob a luz do luar' written in Portuguese is one of the bridges that connect in this album Elisete's Brazilian past with her ​​Israeli present.


Sob a luz do luar