Elisete in a show

About the shows

Elisete, the Israeli-Brazilian singer, along with her ​​band has a series of outstanding, sweeping shows in a variety of Brazilian rhythms that are a musical journey to the Brazil she always carries in her heart.
Elisete has a variety of shows that can be adapted to every event: weddings, receptions, conferences, corporate events, fun days and more. The band size is tailored for each event - from an intimate show of guitar and voice that is suitable for both receptions and large halls to a show with the full band of Elisete, six musicians and a back vocal singer. The rich repertoire includes Elisete's original songs in Brazilian rhythms in Portuguese and Hebrew from her four albums as well as Brazilian classics in Portuguese. Elisete fits the rhythms to the event - from a calm and quiet show to a show that is all rhythm and movement.
In addition to performances with her band Elisete also has a Brazilian jazz show with leading Jazz musicians.
You can book a concert for a closed event or book a show that is open to the public.

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Show for a wedding, reception, birthday and happy events

If you have a wedding and you need a band for a show or you plan a reception, if you have a birthday or plan a birthday surprise to a loved one - Elisete will make the event an unforgettable one.
Elisete's music come directly from the heart and the rich repertoire that has Elisete's original songs in Brazilian rhythms from her four albums - Luar e cafe, Longing, My colors and Simply Elisete and also Brazilian classics in Portuguese.


Show for a Festival, company event and more

You organize a company event? You look for a show for your co-workers? You seek a unique show for a festival? Elisete and her band with its various ensembles will take you straight to Brazil. The size of the band is tailored to the event - from an intimate show of guitar and voice that suits also to big concert halls as well as receptions up to the full band of 6 musicians and a back vocal singer.


Show for clubs, sports or commercial events

Elisete and her colorful show will give your sport event you produce, the product unveiling you plan or your club the rhythm and soul of Brazil. Elisete with her unique repertoire and rich costumes will take you to a breath taking Brazilian journey. The songs Elisete sings come from the heart and enter straight to the heart and together with her fabulous musicians your event will be unforgetable.

Yes, send me details on booking Elisete's show!


Elisete has various ensembles to fit event & budget


Elisete and her band - Moonlight, coffee and longing

Moonlight, coffee and longing is a soulful based on Elisete's original songs together with songs from the Brazilian classics. The show is rich and sweeps the audience and Elisete is accompanied by her full band of 6 musicians and back vocal singer. The show is great for weddings, company events, and any event that needs this Elisete's unique Brazilian spice.


Elisete and her band - Carnaval in Blue & White

There is nothing better for rhythmic, Brazilian spirited Carnaval events than Elisete's show of Carnaval in Blue and White. Elisete and her band takes you to a trip of energy and rhythm to the Brazil she carries in her heart with the sounds, sensuality and colors. The repertoire is composed of Elisete's original songs in Hebrew and Portuguese from her four albums and also Brazilian classics in portuguese.


Elisete - My colors - guitar & voice

Classic reception? Your birthday? Birthday of someone you love? Festival with enchanted music? Elisete and her guitarist will take you to a musical journey to the Brazilian soul. Elisete's music comes from her heart and this completely Brazilian combination of guitar and voice, the purity of the sounds is Brazil at its best.


Elisete - The girl from Ipanema - Brazilian Jazz

Brazil is Samba but Brazil is also the easy going Bossa-Nova of Rio and Elisete together with leading musicians of Brazilian music put together a classical Brazilian Jazz show - The girl from Ipanema. The show takes you the beaches of Rio, to the sounds of the great Bossa-Nova masters and the songs give you the power to feel the magic, to be there in the small cafes where it all started and enjoy an experience that is Brazil at its best.

Yes, send me details on booking Elisete's show!