Elisete - Gaagua - Longing

Gaagua - the second acoustic album

About the album

Elisete - Gaagua - LongingGaagua (Longing) Elisete's second album was released in 2006.
Elisete called the album longing because although she feels completely Israeli she still has longing for the Brazil she left behind – the children on rooftops flying kites in the colors of Brazil and all of her childhood memories. Elisete uses the colors she brought from Brazil to draw our reality in her songs.
The songs reflect Elisete: an almost impossible blend of simple words that touch your soul directly with Brazilian rhythms that just make you dance. Elisete's optimism and her warn smile resonate throughout the album and allows you yo be swept with the songs to the sunny Brazil she carries in her heart.
The album is dedicated to the late Ehud Manor that gave a hand to young independent artists and supported Elisete when she released her songs to the radio. In Longing Elisete goes a step beyond singing and writing lyrics and melodies, and is an active partner in all stages of production including involvement in writing the arrangements.


Singles released to the radio before the album's release

Lishmor al haosher - Preserving happiness Shalom dikaon - Goodbye deppression Gaagua Belibi Keev - My heart aches



"Maybe you have not noticed (I know that you didn't noticed), but Elisete had a very good year, and above all – she released her second album, Longing. She manages to find the delicate balance between here and there. To express the Brazilian influences from back home with the Sabra music the Israeli ear loves so much. Perfect integration between two cultures without either taking over the other. She writes very simple Hebrew. So simple, so beautiful and lyrical. Elisete not rhyme every sentence with his successor, does not get tangled in complicated metaphors. If this reminds you a little bit of Ehud Manor, for example, do not raise an eyebrow discovering Ehud supported her music and liked her songs as she told in the album (she also dedicated the album to him). And I, with Ehud, I do not argue. I do not know if Elisete will break out more after this album, but I believe that 20-30 years from now she will get a tribute album and also a special re-master as the big guys get. We always remember too late."
Avishai Bushmelo, Qube