Elisete - quality Brazilian music straight from the heart


Elisete, the Brazilian-Israeli singer-songwriter creates a unique sound that is a fusion of her two homelands. 

She is an independent artist believing in the combination of music, optimism and hard work. She speaks 7 languages: Portuguese, Hebrew, Spanish, Italian, English, French and Russian. She sings in many of these languages bringing her closer to her audience. 
Elisete believes in peace and coexistence and thinks that the mixture between her Brazilian soul and her life in her second homeland Israel gives her the perspective to create a unique mixture that is both totally Brazilian and at the same time a 100% Middle eastern. 
Elisete is a very diverse musician and has many shows: ‘One night in Rio’ - enchanted and ranging from the Rio Bossa-Nova to the Bahia Carnaval rhythms with both Brazilian classics and Elisete’s originals, ‘The Girl From Ipanema’ - magical Brazillian Jazz with both Elisete’s originals and Brazilian classics  and ‘Quiet’ - a guitar and voice show minimalistic in band size but huge in heart and soul and like the album itself is a comfortable lullaby for the soul. 

Elisete feels a double ambassador - both of Israeli culture and Brazilian culture. She is musically involved in many projects in Israel and in the world promoting peace and showing the positive side of Israel and Brazil.
Elisete released her debut album 'Luar e Cafe' in 2004, ’Longing’ in 2006, 'Elisete - Remixes’ in 2007, 'My colors' in 2011, 'Simply Elisete' in 2014 and ‘Quiet’ in 2016. 

In addition to being a musician Elisete also produces a video blog called ‘Elisete in the morning’ that can be seen in her YouTube channel and he is a radio DJ broadcasting music shows in various radio stations around the world.

The shows

Elisete, the Israeli-Brazilian singer, along with her band has a series of quality and sweeping shows in a variety of Brazilian rhythms that are a musical journey to the Brazil she always carries in her heart. Her music is her original bridge between the genuine, colorful, multicultural Brazil - the Brazil that gave us the classic relaxed Bossa-Nova of Rio and the energetic rhythms of Bahia, the Brazil that mixes every sorrow with boundless spontaneous joy with the multicultural Israel with its tolerance, advancement and also with its rudeness, dense and sometimes violent atmosphere. Elisete has a variety of shows that can be adapted to every event: weddings, receptions, conferences, corporate events, fun days and more. The band size is tailored for each event - from an intimate show of guitar and voice that is suitable for both receptions and large halls to a show with the full band of Elisete, six musicians and a back vocal singer. The rich repertoire includes Elisete's original songs in Brazilian rhythms in Portuguese and Hebrew from her six albums - 'Luar e Cafe', 'Longing', ‘Elisete - Remixes’, 'My colors', Simply Elisete’ and ‘Quiet’ - as well as Brazilian classics in Portuguese. Elisete fits the rhythms to the event - from a calm and quiet show to a show that is all rhythm and movement. In addition to performances with her band Elisete also has a Brazilian jazz show with leading Jazz musicians. You can book a concert for a closed event or book a show that is open to the public.

Elisete - World Cultural Ambassador

Elisete's songs are being played around the world. Elisete along with her music is a double ambassador - both of Israeli culture and Brazilian culture. She returned in 2008 from a roots seeking journey in Brazil in which she also functioned as a traveling cultural ambassador of Israel when she was interviewed by various TV programs regarding her work and in the context of culture in Israel . A letter Elisete wrote during Operation 'Cast Lead' had echoed in the press in Israel and abroad, including the Israeli Embassy in Brazil. The letter translated into other languages ​​and served as a public relations material. Elisete is musically involved in many projects in Israel and in the world promoting peace and showing the positive side of Israel and Brazil. Elisete is considered in Israel the most Israeli Brazilian and abroad the most Brazilian Israeli.

Other projects

In addition to performances with her songs Elisete participates in a variety of projects: She has two songs in the film 'The bubble' by Eytan Fuchs and Gal Ochovski (this project was done in collaboration with musician and producer Ran Shani), Elisete collaborates with DJ-s from abroad. The song 'Black is Beautiful' she wrote with South African producer Mzilikazi wa Africa is played around the world including Brazil. 'Black is Beautiful' was played at different 'Camarotes' in the carnival of Bahia. 10 tracks of electronic music have been released by the Belgian label 'Selecta Beats'. Elisete collaborated in a song of Epiphony and Ofer Nissim and she performed with many Israeli artists in different fields. Elisete collaborates in various projects with music producers of electronic and acoustic music in Israel and abroad. She is the Israeli correspondent of the Italian Television and radio show ‘Salotto Fell the 90’. There she speaks about music she likes, mostly from Israel. Elisete broadcasts in Radio Shiga in Japan a program in English called ‘The voices of the world’ in which she broadcasts music she loves from all around the world. In Israel Elisete has a video blog called ‘Elisete in the morning’ that can be seen in her YouTube channel.

The Albums

Inspired by the sun

The sun - Elisete recruits the sun in her path to happiness. Elisete wants to make us all smile and there's nothing like the sun to help in this mission. ‘Inspired by the sun’ - the new album, with the theme song with the same name - is an enlightened journey to the realization that happiness is here - in front of us and within us. Elisete feels that there is room for a frequency of hope and positivity. That happiness is not a luxury but a basic state to be aspired to and that all of us can be filled with positive energy. We can all get to this place and Elisete's songs are one of the fun ways to get there - anyone who joins Elisete's path will discover that life is bright, joyful and fun even in the midst of our local daily life and everyone is invited to the party! The album ‘Inspired by the sun’ is a rhythmic, happy and essentially electronic album. In fact, it is the mirror image of the previous album 'Quiet' which was acoustic, pensive and reflective. ‘Inspired by the sun’ deals with the healing of our pains and with acceptance of life through rhythm, light and joy. Elisete takes us with her caressing Brazilian way from pain and sorrow straight to the sun and the Carnaval. She has no illusions about the nature of the world, she simply believes that it can be corrected through universal love, music and true joy. The songs in the album are written in Hebrew, Portuguese, English and Italian, and the arrangements were entrusted by Elisete in the hands of four masters: Raz Burg arranged most of the songs, Eddie Valdez from Brazil arranged two songs, Kobi Shaltiel from Israel and Mizlikazi Wa Africa from South Africa arranged one song each. Some of the songs are remixes of songs that appeared in previous albums. Many songs on the album have colorful clips that add to the experience. The songs are mostly very rhythmic and will fit greatly into dance floors and also the ballad-like songs are inviting to move, even if slower. It is an album of strong rhythms, tribal resonant drums, and it loads the listeners with good energy and joy straight from the heart. This is an optimistic album about the good within us and about the good sun that should guide us to healing.


Quiet – this is what Elisete seeks in her fifth acoustic album, just quiet. To understand why that's the album's name here's what Elisete thinks about music, soul and quiet: "For me happiness reveals itself in quiet. Inner quiet, outer, quiet in a dream. I live here in Israel, in the turmoil of the middle-east. Around me the days roll polluted with noise, anger and violence and I seek quiet moments with a soothing Brazilian wind and a pure sound. My new album is my clear island of quiet – a distilled sound of guitar and my voice – an album I longed to create, waiting for the right time. I hope that this album created from the heart will get to all those tuned to a frequency of tranquillity and peace and will be an instrument for achieving inner as well as outer peace." The album Quiet is a unique encounter between Elisete's soul that yearns for quiet with her soothing voice that wants to pronounce the hope for peace and tranquility and the magical sound of Ron Laor's guitar. Elisete feels she is a double cultural ambassador – of Israel and Brazil and also an ambassador of the universal desire for peace and love. That's why the album is written both in Hebrew and Portuguese with one song in Russian. Half the songs are new and were written especially for guitar and voice and half were included in previous albums and were adapted to this album with new arrangements of guitar and voice.

Simply Elisete

Elisete's new album combines electronic and acoustic music and is the product of an inner journey Elisete set about to redefine her musical self. Elisete sees herself as an Israeli, Brazilian and citizen of the world, but mostly as a human being and therefore her songs are written in the variety of languages ​​she speaks and in her characteristic blend of the exploration of love, sadness, and an optimistic view with the airy and amusing melodies emphasizing the emotional depth. Elisete thanks all the people who accompanied her on the way - Ron Laor, Avi Levin, Noa Tzur, Raz Burg that helped translate her thoughts into the sounds of the new album and Oriana Esposto that proofread the Italian texts.

My colors

The album was recorded half in Israel and half in Brazil with half of his songs in Hebrew and half in Portuguese, reflecting Elisete as she feels herself - half Israeli and half Brazilian. The album is acoustic and contemporary, lyrical, melancholy sometimes and very romantic. The production of the disc was done by Avi Levin – An Israeli-Brazilian music producer in cooperation with Elisete, Ron Laor and Roni Ben-Ezra as co-producers that were involved in all of the stages of processing and production. "It is not Carnaval" - the first single from the album has been released to radio stations in the country and abroad.


The album reflects the Elisete: an almost impossible blend of simple words that touch directly your soul together with Brazilian rhythms that just make you dance. Her music takes another step in the consolidation of her unique identity as a citizen of the musical world and she creates a blend of Brazilian music, world music and Israeli music. In 'Longing' Elisete goes a step beyond singing and writing lyrics and melodies, and she is an active partner in all stages of production including involvement in writing the arrangements. 'Longing' got the third place in the list of the best albums of 2006 from 'Qube' site. The album 'Longing' was dedicated to the late Ehud Manor.

'Luar e Cafe' - Moonlight and Coffee

The album is a summary of a year of intensive work of Elisete trying to sketch in sounds her life in Brazil and Israel and it recieved many favorable reviews. 'Luar e Cafe' - the theme song from the album was included of Bossa Nova released in Taiwan and China. The song 'Capoeira' got many Remix versionsand one of them entered a compilation in France.

Elisete – Remixes

The album includes songs both old and new from her first two accoustic albums. The Electronic music field is no stranger to Elisete touches can be found in earlier albums. After releasing the album 'Longing' and after inclusion of two of her original songs in the successful Israeli movie 'The bubble' it was only natural that Elisete will pay attention to the Electronic music. Production of the album was made by Elisete together with leading producers from the electronic music field that liked her music and wanted to participate in the project.

The story in short

Elisete was born in Brazil and came to Israel in 1991 straight into the Gulf war where she began to learn Hebrew by herself and with TV shows. In the beginning Elisete was a dancer and dance instructor of Brazilian dances for children. Elisete's life story is a long saga with optimistic conclusions: Elisete says she sings as part of her mission to make the Israelis happy. Cynics reading this statement will laugh. Cynics hearing her say it will believe her and be taken by her magic. With this drive and her vigor and joy Elisete sings about life with the most Israeli and the most Brazilian perspective. Elisete's words have simplicity, warmth and love. Her rhythms and her voice take us to the Brazil that Elisete always carries in her heart. Elisete found a lot of strength in the virtual world and with a wise use of it she gained international recognition. Elisete is very active in the social media as well - both in the music field and a lot in promoting peace and tolerance in every possible place and she gets positive feedback from her audience on a daily basis.