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I want to book a show of Elisete - What band size would suit my special event?

Upbeat songs? Relaxed songs relaxed? Big band? Dance songs? How much does it cost?

Do you have an event that is special for you and it's time to invite Elisete and her band to make your event unique and extraordinary. How do you know what band size will do the evening unforgettable?

Book Elisete and her guitarist for an intimate concert of guitar and voice? Maybe the entire band together with Kapoeira dancers and Brazilian dancers? Shall I choose a quiet repertoire? Perhaps upbeat songs? Will the guests want to hear songs from the Brazilian classics while they teat or is it time for Elisete's original songs? And how much will it cost? Will the show sound good? Will my somewhat traditional aunt be a little surprised from the dances?

At first sight it appears that it is very complex to book a show that will succeed, leaving the guests with good memories and still will not exceed the budget we set. The good news are that a brief conversation with Elisete and her production team will help clear the fog. The first questions you will be asked are about the type of the show, the audience (number of guests, their age, general nature, preferences), size of the place, the type of the sound system and the budget for the event. The answers will determine the ensemble size and budget. The repertoire will be the second issue - type of songs that will be chosen from Elisete's repertoire including her own original songs and Brazilian classics in Portuguese. Then comes the sound issue - is there a sound system in place and does it is suite the band size. Elisete can recommend about leading sound people and she can also provide equipment for small events that do not have their own sound system.

The dress code of Elisete and the band also has a prominent place in defining the show – is it a young audience or an old one? Is the audience a more traditional one?

There is also a possibility to add Capoeira dancers or Brazilian dancers dressed accordingly.

And most important: No matter the size of the event, number of guests or the place, one thing is guaranteed: the event will be a million dollars event (you will pay less of course..). Elisete and production staff insist on the highest level and the quality and on creating a prestigious event in any circumstances!

Yes, send me details on booking Elisete's show!