Elisete - Quiet

Quiet - The fifth acoustic album

About the album

Elisete - QuietQuiet was released in 2016.
Quiet is what Elisete seeks in her fifth acoustic album, just quiet. To understand why that’s the album’s name here’s what Elisete thinks about music, soul and quiet:

“For me happiness reveals itself in quiet. Inner quiet, outer, quiet in a dream. I live here in Israel, in the turmoil of the middle-east. Around me the days roll polluted with noise, anger and violence and I seek quiet moments with a soothing Brazilian wind and a pure sound. My new album is my clear island of quiet – a distilled sound of guitar and my voice – an album I longed to create, waiting for the right time. I hope that this album created from the heart will get to all those tuned to a frequency of tranquillity and peace and will be an instrument for achieving inner as well as outer peace.”

The album Sheket is a unique encounter between Elisete’s soul that yearns for quiet with her soothing voice that wants to pronounce the hope for peace and tranquility and the magical sound of Ron Laor’s guitar.
Elisete feels she is a double cultural ambassador – of Israel and Brazil and also an ambassador of the universal desire for peace and love. That’s why the album is written both in Hebrew and Portuguese with one song in Russian. Half the songs are new and were written especially for guitar and voice and half were included in previous albums and were adapted to this album with new arrangements of guitar and voice.

Many wonderful people helped produce the album: "A huge thank you to Ron Laor and his wonderful guitar sound, to Raz burg from Tamuz studios, thank you Roby Laville – video director, producer and DJ, Roni Haber the gifted photographer, Miki Retter for believing in me all these years, Sveta the wonderful graphic artist and you my faithful, loyal audience. I thank from the bottom of my heart the marvelous Brazilian musicians that inspired me: Joao Gilberto, Tom Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes. Thank You!



Quiet Is the theme song of Elisete's fifth album 'Quiet' that is all guitar and voice. In 'Quiet' Elisete unveils her yearning for tranquillity – outer peace but mostly inner peace that will bring the change we all wait for. 'Quiet' is Elisete's call for us as a society and for each one as an individual to look inwards and find his peace. Elisete talks about her craving for peace, about the hardships but emits great optimism – she believes in the human spirit and in our ability to get awareness and peace.


Dance of Solitude

Dance of Solitude - In the 'Dance of Solitude' Elisete takes her listeners to the place where a relationship ends and what's left is the sad song of the heart that wants to love and dance but has only itself. This dance is both sad and liberating because when we dance with ourselves and give a huge hug to our inner child that lives and loves inside us we set ourselves free and grow.


Alem do horizonte

Alem do horizonte - The song is an optimistic statement assuring that love will be found even if it looks far away - beyond the horizon and the rainbow. Elisete promises all is possible and when she promises all looks very encouraging.



Quiet and Dance of Solitude
Alem do horizonte and Diz que vai
Hevenu Shalom Alechem and Samba do Sofrer and Luar e Cafe
You my Dear
Sabia's Longing
Gaagua and You and Me
Zvezda Estrela
You closed your eyes Binyamin