From Rio to Orient

Elisete - From Rio to Orient

Open the radio on a specially hot and dusty day, let the hot air whirl inside.
Now close your eyes and let imagination take you on a journey to Rio de Janeiro - to the rain forests, to the blue beaches, to the tropical rain pouring by surprise, to the enchanted small cafes by the beach playing Bossa-Nova.
This imaginary trip feels logical, possible and quite needed. Right?
Elisete did the trip the other way, and not in her imagination but for real.
From a beautiful tropical country to our desert heat. From a language that sounds like a song to every day talks that are all shouting. From the romantic Bossa-Nova to bare, crackling loudspeakers in the desert.
From Rio to Orient.
You have to be strong to survive the passage, you have to be optimistic to see the good, you have to be Elisete to make it an anthem for the Middle East!
Elisete is a super optimistic person, she is a strong woman and she has a sharp eye along with lots of love that helps her beautify what she sees.
She learns Arabic to blend naturally in the scenery and communicate with everyone at eye level.
She stands strong in the midst of the Middle Eastern turmoil, watches the whirlwind that is our life and in her eyes all is magic, love and mystery.
The videoclip created by Italian director Roby Laville captures all the mystery and grace in the song and wraps Elisete in a robe of images from past and present.

Watch the clip of the song and feel the magic