Inspired by the sun - The new album - the party continues!

Watch the clip of the theme song and may the sun always be your inspiration! You are welcomed to like the song, share it and spread the message of joy and sun.

The sun - Elisete recruits the sun in her path to happiness. Elisete wants to make us all smile and there's nothing like the sun to help in this mission. ‘Inspired by the sun’ - the new album, with the theme song with the same name - is an enlightened journey to the realization that happiness is here - in front of us and within us.

Elisete feels that there is room for a frequency of hope and positivity. That happiness is not a luxury but a basic state to be aspired to and that all of us can be filled with positive energy. We can all get to this place and Elisete's songs are one of the fun ways to get there - anyone who joins Elisete's path will discover that life is bright, joyful and fun even in the midst of our local daily life and everyone is invited to the party!

The album ‘Inspired by the sun’ is a rhythmic, happy and essentially electronic album. In fact, it is the mirror image of the previous album 'Quiet' which was acoustic, pensive and reflective. ‘Inspired by the sun’ deals with the healing of our pains and with acceptance of life through rhythm, light and joy. Elisete takes us with her caressing Brazilian way from pain and sorrow straight to the sun and the Carnaval. She has no illusions about the nature of the world, she simply believes that it can be corrected through universal love, music and true joy.

The songs in the album are written in Hebrew, Portuguese, English and Italian, and the arrangements were entrusted by Elisete in the hands of four masters: Raz Burg arranged most of the songs, Eddie Valdez from Brazil arranged two songs, Kobi Shaltiel from Israel and Mizlikazi Wa Africa from South Africa arranged one song each. Some of the songs are remixes of songs that appeared in previous albums. Many songs on the album have colorful clips that add to the experience.

The songs are mostly very rhythmic and will fit greatly into dance floors and also the ballad-like songs are inviting to move, even if slower. It is an album of strong rhythms, tribal resonant drums, and it loads the listeners with good energy and joy straight from the heart. This is an optimistic album about the good within us and about the good sun that should guide us to healing.


Watch the clip of the theme song and may the sun always be your inspiration!

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