Simply Elisete - Elisete's new album was released and you are all invited to listen and enjoy

Simply Elisete - Elisete's new album was released and you are invited to hear it and enjoy

Simply Elisete - Elisete's new accoustic album was released on Linktone and you are invited to listen and enjoy the music! 
The album is a cultural associative journey of Elisete. If you are dreaming about a shadowy afternoon in a picturesque town? A cruise and romantic dinner by the lake? A party in a dreamlike landscape? A magical night? Now you no longer have to travel far. At any moment of the day you can play the album ‘Simply Elisete' and let yourself drift with the sounds and the caressing voice of Elisete in Portuguese, Italian, English and Hebrew. The first songs are lyrical and cuddle you, half asleep as in a dream trip. 'Custe o que custar' grabs you by surprise and shakes you gently into the rhythm of a party to be followed by 'Another song fo Capoeira' that makes way for tenderness joy and optimism of traveling in the world with Elisete - Brazil, Italy, America and back to Floripa, Brazil.
Elisete's new album combines electronic and acoustic music and is the product of an inner journey Elisete set about to redefine her musical self. Elisete sees herself as an Israeli, Brazilian and citizen of the world, but mostly as a human being and therefore her songs are written in the variety of languages ​​she speaks and in her characteristic blend of the exploration of love, sadness, and an optimistic view with the airy and amusing melodies emphasizing the emotional depth. Elisete thanks all the people who accompanied her on the way - Ron Laor, Avi Levin, Noa Tzur, Raz Burg that helped translate her thoughts into the sounds of the new album and Oriana Esposto that proofread the Italian texts.

On the 19.8.14 at 20:00 Elisete will perform in an intimate accoustic show in the Brazilian cultural center in Shderot Hen 57, Tel-Aviv. The show will include also songs from the new album. You are all invited!