Elisete - Sei que voce sera

A video for the song 'Sei que voce sera'

Dear friends,
In light of the difficult situation I postponed the release of my new album 'Simply Elisete' until after the end of the war in Gaza.
The album was created with the frequency of love and is not in sync in these difficult times of fighting and pain.
I hope for better times soon in which we can enjoy music from the heart.
I hope you will understand.

I want to take a break from the discussions about the war to talk about love, because love after all is the highest power. I hope my song 'Sei sera que voce', from my new album 'Simply Elisete' will give you good vibes and connects you to the power of love within you. The video of the song was edited by Roby Laville.

You are invited to listen to an interview in English I did during this war for TLV1 site. I speak about my music, my way to cope with the situation and about the hope for a better future.

My new album, 'Simply Elisete' is made from the colors and frequencies of my soul: love, joy, inner peace, sensuality, hope. I hope you like this album that is so important to me. Its sounds are consistent with what I like and that's why, although I sing in many languages, the final product is so harmonious in my opinion. Love is the language of the soul and I hope I'll communicate with you in the language of your souls.

In this album I'm not apologizing anymore. I show myself as I really am, sometimes eclectic, loving, sensual and melancholy. I do a mix of the music that I love - acoustic and electronic. The album has a very loving atmosphere and joy. It combines many languages and many voices, but the result is very harmonious in my opinion. I guess that has the sounds and colors of my soul. Simply Elisete!

Peace and love everyone!