Here in Tel-Aviv - a video for an actual song

Po Be Tel-Aviv (Here in Tel-Aviv) - a video for an actual song

Dear friends, I am releasing a video with English subtitles I made because of the situation.
This is a song I wrote a long time ago about my desire for peace and my wish for love.
The video was never released before and it is more actual than ever these days in Israel. I hope you enjoy it.
The audio file of this song will be available for free download on my artist page 'Elisete' here on Facebook.
I would be happy if you will share the song with friends to dispers together a positive attitude to life because love is the driving force!
Peace and love to all of us!

Because of the situation I recorded a new chapter of my program 'Elisete in the morning' that was recorder during and between the sirens. I hope we will get some peace soon..



Elisete and a French TV team

Elisete and a French TV team

We live in surreal times.
I went to the street to day to interview people about the situation and I met a TV crew from France that was really nice and fun.
Afterward I interviewed Rina that I met on Sheinkin street.
During these hard times I feel more connected and close to people and I invite us all to think more positive.



Elisete and Rina