8.5.14 on Youtube – a new song from my Brazilian-Russian project

For the last year I've been working on my new CD that will be released this summer and on my Brazilian-Russian project that is a parallel project. From this Brazilian-Russian project I already released the first song 'Zvezda-Estrela' and now I want to release on Youtube the video of my second song from this project 'Ia va Lyubil-Amei voce'. The Russian portion of the song is from a poem written by Alexander Pushkin one of the Russian writers I am fascinate by. The Portuguese part is an original of me.
The melody for this song with its very well-known Russian was written by me and I hope you will enjoy it when it will be released on Youtube. You are invited to subscribe to my Youtube channel to get the latest updates on the song.

8.5.14 - new song from the Brazilian-Russian project