Elisete - Thank you Israel

Thank you my beloved adopted mother – Israel!

To my beloved adopted mother – Israel,

Here under the Tel Aviv sun I write you a thank you letter, even though I think I can't thank you enough for your love and warmth…
When I just came here, I could not yet see your true beauty and it took me a while to see your truth and to feel your love. Our relationship has been built slowly and today I can say with all my heart that I love you and I feel like I belong to you as one of your biological sons and daughters.
You held me in your arms. You helped me to turn into an adult who tries to be better every day. You gave me the possibility to express myself through music and because of the love you always shows me it is that I will always use my music to represent you anywhere I go.
Adoptive Mother, I want to wish you a happy Independence Day. I hope you will one day have peace of mind and say goodbye for the wars forever.

You are a kind mother and you deserve serenity. Happy Independence Day! I love you Israel!