'Salotto Feel the 90' with Roby Laville and Il Maury is coming back on the 19-9-14

'Salotto Feel the 90' with Roby and Maury returns.
Vote now for my new song in the contest site!

Hello friends,
I invite you to vote for my song 'Sei que voce sera' in the italian site Talentfactory. This site is showcases songs and videos and allows fans to vote for their favorite song or video. The video for the song was created by the great Roby Laville. Vote and make a difference!
I am also very happy to let you all know that the Italian program to which I am a foreign correspondent 'Salotto Feel the 90' with Roby Laville and Il Maury is coming back on the 19.9.14. This time the show has many new things and attractions, it is funnier than never but we also speak and show the reality the way we see it, in Israel and in Italy and all with a positive perspective. 

To watch the program on Youtube, please go to Roby laville's channel and if you like it subscribe to it so you can watch the shows on a regular basis.

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The best of August shows – Radio Kol Hakineret and the Brazilian Cultural Center

The best of August shows – Radio Kol Hakineret and the Brazilian Cultural Center

During this August there were several concerts and events that Elisete is happy to share with you. In a particularly hot Friday Elisete was a guest in Radio Kol Hakineret in Itzik Garti's program. The program focused on Elisete's new album 'Simply Elisete' and also dealt with Brazilian music in general. In addition to Elisete, other guests in the program were Shelly Horkin – a popular lecturer on Brazilian music and Neris Gonzalez - a talented guitarist who came to Israel recently. You can also see highlights of the program . You are invited to listen and enjoy!
Another event in August was an intimate acoustic show Elisete had in the Brazilian Cultural Center in Tel Aviv. The show is A new show of Elisete's original music With an emphasis on songs from her new album released recently - Simply Elisete. The Brazilian Cultural Center with the effective management of the ever smiling Raquel is an inviting, comfortable and cozy place and it's a wonderful location for this concert that is all Brazil at its best with the grace and joy of Elisete.

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Simply Elisete - Elisete's new album was released and you are all invited to listen and enjoy

Simply Elisete - Elisete's new album was released and you are invited to hear it and enjoy

Simply Elisete - Elisete's new accoustic album was released on Linktone and you are invited to listen and enjoy the music! 
The album is a cultural associative journey of Elisete. If you are dreaming about a shadowy afternoon in a picturesque town? A cruise and romantic dinner by the lake? A party in a dreamlike landscape? A magical night? Now you no longer have to travel far. At any moment of the day you can play the album ‘Simply Elisete' and let yourself drift with the sounds and the caressing voice of Elisete in Portuguese, Italian, English and Hebrew. The first songs are lyrical and cuddle you, half asleep as in a dream trip. 'Custe o que custar' grabs you by surprise and shakes you gently into the rhythm of a party to be followed by 'Another song fo Capoeira' that makes way for tenderness joy and optimism of traveling in the world with Elisete - Brazil, Italy, America and back to Floripa, Brazil.

On the 19.8.14 at 20:00 Elisete will perform in an intimate accoustic show in the Brazilian cultural center in Shderot Hen 57, Tel-Aviv. The show will include also songs from the new album. You are all invited!

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Elisete - Sei que voce

A video for the song 'Sei que voce sera'

Dear friends,
In light of the difficult situation I postponed the release of my new album 'Simply Elisete' until after the end of the war in Gaza.
The album was created with the frequency of love and is not in sync in these difficult times of fighting and pain.
I hope for better times soon in which we can enjoy music from the heart.
I hope you will understand.

I want to take a break from the discussions about the war to talk about love, because love after all is the highest power. I hope my song 'Sei sera que voce', from my new album 'Simply Elisete' will give you good vibes and connects you to the power of love within you. The video of the song was edited by Roby Laville.

You are invited to listen to an interview in English I did during this war for TLV1 site. I speak about my music, my way to cope with the situation and about the hope for a better future.

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