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Italian news, future shows and great discounts on shows for the New Year

Hello Dear Friends,

I want to update you about my next shows and to invite you to hear and see the Italian program 'Salotto feel the 90' that will feature on the 22.11.13 the song Pensamanto that I wrote together with Claudio Alessandri from Italy.
I remind us all that 2014 is nearing and with it come the parties as well. For this occasion I am happy to announce that everyone that will book my show and will let me know he/she came through my site will get a 10% discount from the show price. Of course the show itself will be a million dollars as usual!


Elisete                                         Book a show for the New Year parties at a special price now!

Non lo saprai: video of remix version now on youtube!

Non lo saprai: video of remix version now on youtube!

I have great news about my music for all of my friends who awaited the release of the video of my song 'Non lo Saprai' in its remix version: Now it is finally available on Youtube!
The video of this song, remixed by Raz Burg, was produced by the great Italian DJ and music and video producer Roby Laville with whom I collaborate in Italy in the radio program 'Feel the 90' and in the Vlog 'Salotto Feel the 90' that is available on Youtube and on cable TV in Italy.

I hope you will all enjoy this video of my song as much as I did when Roby first sent it to me!

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Elisete - Thank you Israel

Thank you my beloved adopted mother – Israel!

To my beloved adopted mother – Israel,

Here under the Tel Aviv sun I write you a thank you letter, even though I think I can't thank you enough for your love and warmth…
When I just came here, I could not yet see your true beauty and it took me a while to see your truth and to feel your love. Our relationship has been built slowly and today I can say with all my heart that I love you and I feel like I belong to you as one of your biological sons and daughters.

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8.5.14 - new song from the Brazilian-Russian project


8.5.14 on Youtube – a new song from my Brazilian-Russian project

For the last year I've been working on my new CD that will be released this summer and on my Brazilian-Russian project that is a parallel project. From this Brazilian-Russian project I already released the first song 'Zvezda-Estrela' and now I want to release on Youtube the video of my second song from this project 'Ia va Lyubil-Amei voce'. The Russian portion of the song is from a poem written by Alexander Pushkin one of the Russian writers I am fascinate by. The Portuguese part is an original of me.
The melody for this song with its very well-known Russian was written by me and I hope you will enjoy it when it will be released on Youtube. You are invited to subscribe to my Youtube channel to get the latest updates on the song.

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